A Guide to the Different Types of Apartments

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Real estate investment serves as a reliable compass towards stability and financial security. Many investors turn to purchasing residential units with the aim of achieving rewarding returns through selling or renting them. However, before embarking on the investment journey, both the investor and the resident must delve into the diverse world of residential units, understand their features and drawbacks to identify the optimal option that meets their needs and achieves their aspirations.

Types of Residential Units:

1. Apartments:

  • Repeated Apartments:
    • The most common option, offering diverse sizes and prices to suit different budgets.
    • Easy access to essential services such as shops, hospitals, and public transportation.
    • Security systems for residents’ safety.
    • Opportunity to socialize with neighbors and feel a sense of community.
  • Ground Floor Apartments with Private Gardens:
    • Larger spaces than repeated apartments, suitable for large families.
    • Offer a private garden for relaxation and nature enjoyment.
    • Easy access to the outdoors without using elevators.

2. Duplexes:

  • A unique option for large families or those who prefer spacious areas.
    • Provides large space and more privacy than repeated apartments.
    • Allows each floor to be designed according to the family’s needs.
    • Offers stunning city views in some cases.

3. Triplexes:

  • Offer enormous space suitable for huge families or those who love vast areas.
    • Provide distinctive city views and very high privacy.

4. Penthouses:

  • Represent the pinnacle of luxury.
    • Offer large spaces and panoramic city views.
    • Provide high privacy and exclusive services.

5. Studios:

  • Ideal option for individuals or couples.
    • Feature small spaces and low prices.

6. Rooftops:

  • Offer large spaces on the building’s rooftop.
    • Suitable for large families or those who love open spaces.

7. Villas:

  • Provide large spaces and high privacy.
    • Suitable for large families or those who love tranquility and harmony with nature.

8. Townhouses:

  • Similar to villas but share one wall with another house.
    • Affordable option for large families.

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